Kormasutra is an Indian restaurant in Kansas City. The restaurant needed rebranding, which matches its food and culture.

The identity has colors that represent hospitality and warmth in Indian culture. The custom logotype is influenced by Indian dance forms and sculptures of dancers in Konark temple, India. The primary design is inspired by traditional phulkari embroidery from North India which also happens to be the place where the owner of the restaurant comes from.

Brand Attributes: Warm, Welcoming, Joyous

I am honored that this design has been selected for inclusion in the upcoming AIGA KC A16 Exhibition for outstanding design.

The custom logotype created using a calligraphy pen. The logotype represent the sculptures and dance forms of India
                 Design is inspired by ‘phulkari’ embroidery from Punjab, North India
The pattern has been used to represent lantern, commonly used as festival decoration in India.
The pattern has been used at the top of menu, to represent 'Jhalar ’ that is used in traditional Indian households as decoration at top of the door 

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