Brand Identity for a hypothetical clothing brand,Topology. The brand's mission is to celebrate women working in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) field. The purpose is also to inspire and encourage young girls who see themselves as future scientists, doctors, mathematicians or engineers. Topology gives them an opportunity to express themselves using their own personalized style.

Topology's Brand Attributes Dynamic  Inspiring  Confident
Our potential customers will be women working in STEM industry and young girls who love STEM. 
Brand colors blue stands for wisdom and clarity and golden give dynamic outlook to the brand. Gold was also appropriate color because the logo has been inspired by the metal wires on circuit board.
As mentioned logo is inspired from metal wires on a circuit board and brand mark is based on all four branches of STEM, DNA for science,  sigma for math, cogs for engineering and circuits for technology
Dynamic pattern will primarily represent the brand while cropped 'O' pattern from the logotype will be used for all external communication and some promotional goods.
Glimpse of Brand Book for topology. The book will be a handy tool to refer to the brand guidelines.

Please visit the Dropmark link for process behind the project.


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